Redefining Protective Film

At Tinybot Vinyl we set out to revolutionize the way people think of Paint Protection Film. Our new color shifting PPF, available in light smoke and purple, will be sure to turn some heads. While offering all the qualities you'd expect of a high end protection film we decided to push it a step further and integrate the dual functionality of UV ray activated color shifting tint. It's perfect for protecting your headlights or windshield while also giving your vehicle a sleek look.

Color Changing

All PPF film is transparent meant to protect and enhance your vehicle’s color. Our film is transparent and it will change colors under the sun. Watch as it goes from clear to light smoke when you drive during the day and at night it will shift back to clear! You don’t have to do anything and just watch as it shifts.

Self Healing

PPF wouldn’t be complete without self-healing properties. Watch as the film will naturally heal from light scratches and swirls. This property is activated under the sun or from a heat gun.