Color Lots

Please note that products that are not ordered together may have different color lots, therefore we cannot guarantee a color will match a previous order. Some color lots may have minimal differences in tone.


Vinyl rolls are produced in large batches and are given a specific production lot code, which is denoted on the inside of the roll core. Each batch of surface material is unique, and while many batches are identical, it is not possible to precisely create them every time.


If you need a new order (additional material) for the same project, we advise you to contact us and provide us the color lot code from the roll you previously purchased. If you do not have the code, you can mail us a small sample to match. While there is no guarantee that we will have a matching color lot available we will do our best to assist in these situations.


To help avoid any potential issues on full vehicle wraps, it's recommended to wrap the vertical panels (hood, roof, and trunk) last. In the case a color lot match cannot be made, a difference in color on a vertical surface is generally less noticeable because of the angle vinyl reflects light.


For more information please contact us via email or phone.